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WordPress 3.2

WordPress 3.2 is out now. This represents a shift in WordPress, becase it’s the first release to move away from support for legacy browsers and back-end software such as PHP & MySQL. You now need to be running at least PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5 to run WordPress, and it will warn you in the […]

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WordPress 3.1.2 out

Hi folk! WordPress 3.1.2 is released which is a security fix for an issue that allows contributer level users to publish posts. You should definitely upgrade if you offer this sort of user level on your site.

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WordPress 3.1.1 released

So for those of you who like to skip a release and wait for the point revision, you’ll be pleased to see that WordPress 3.1.1 is out. This fixes a few issues and closes some security holes in older releases, so you’re advised to update soonish.

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WordPress 3.0.5 released

WordPress 3.0.5 has been released. This appears to be generally a security fix release, fixing some privilege escalation issues. The text of the release announcement can be seen here. You should upgrade if you can’t wait around for 3.1, which should be coming real soon now, hopefully.

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WordPress 3.0.4 released

An important security update has been released for WordPress. If you run WordPress, it’s advised to update now. The release addresses some issues in the KSES library, which is used for santization throughout the product. As usual, the update can be downloaded from the WordPress site, or you can use the automatic updates from your […]

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