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New mouldy stuff – Piccalilli?

Bizzywig off of Bizzywig’s Blog suggested that I might want to look at creating some new mouldy stuff, using Piccalilli.  Now, I’ve not done any mould experiments for a while now. I’m not completely adverse to creating a new one – though my wife is not as taken by the idea as I am – […]

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Mould, papers, and Super Volcanic Eruptions

First off, I have a couple of replies to make to commenters.. Armin [] responded to my last entry, helpfully explaining that it was The Independent that had carried the drunken calling story []. So that is good. 😀 Secondly I had a few commenters asking how mould is formed. To be honest I can’t […]

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Mouldy Bread

Hi. Someone asked in a comment why bread goes mouldy. Well, there’s a few things. First, it helps for the bread to be out in the open air, where it will be exposed to the bacteria in the air that cause the mould to start growing. If the bread is sealed, then it is unlikely […]

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Mouldy Bread

Hmm. I just had a comment from some other folk [] about my Mouldy Bread. Basically, they also did mouldy bread, starting in October (this year) and their mouldy bread has pretty much disintegrated into a mess of mould. Meanwhile, *my* mouldy bread, which has been sat in my room since about Feb, still only […]


Mouldy Bread

I should really post about what happened with the Mouldy Bread Project. Well, basically, it’s not going mouldy. The bread has been there for over a month and hasn’t changed at all. I’ve tried to encourage it along with bits of water and air, but it’s not having any of it. I must say that […]

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