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Telephoney Rant

2 Months after submitting our “home move” order and almost 2 months since moving in to our new home, we have no phone line from BT. We’re incredibly lucky that the area is serviced by virgin cable, so we have managed to obtain alternative Internets, otherwise I dare say I would be apocalyptic with rage. […]

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Broadband Rant

It’s hard to see how targets of 90% + coverage are going to be met in this country, when we can’t get fibre broadband even on our new housing estate in a redeveloping area. The next street along has an upgraded cabinet, and one further down has an upgraded cabinet, but our cabinet remains outdated. […]

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Filter in the name of protection

I think it’s shocking that one of the central pillars of the concept of the Internet, free access to all things, is casually eroded by David Cameron in the name of “protecting the children”. This is appalling. Whilst I’m sure that this will give some poor quality parents an illusion of online safety, saving them […]

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Think of the children!

I’m highly amused that the government are selling the latest bundle of internet censorship as a child protection measure. Apparently all our Internets should be filtered by default because that makes it safer for children. Notice that this is billed as some kind of anti-porn filter, but the actual block is against “harmful content”, which […]

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It’s been a while since I posted here. Mostly I find it problematic to keep the momentum in blog posts, as they do require some degree of effort to maintain. I’ve just added a link up to my latest tweet (yeah, I’m now “tweeting” or whatever they call it, @mistohise). I dare say there’s been […]

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