Broadband Rant

It’s hard to see how targets of 90% + coverage are going to be met in this country, when we can’t get fibre broadband even on our new housing estate in a redeveloping area.

The next street along has an upgraded cabinet, and one further down has an upgraded cabinet, but our cabinet remains outdated. I am told that our cabinet does not meet the “financial criteria” due to having too few houses connected. To me, it seems that hardly any similar cabinets would ever make the criteria – in other words, unless you happen to be extremely lucky, or you’re living in a city centre, you can forget it, regardless of promises to cover 90% of the UK.

I guess what that 90% figure means is that 90% of exchanges will be capable of providing fibre broadband – even if only 1/3 of the connected cabinets can.

It seems to me that having financial criteria from a single provider makes the aims of the project incompatible with the implementation.

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