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Patrick Stewart new year honour

It’s reported that Captain Pickard, or, in real life, Patrick Stewart, is to be knighted in the New Year honours list. I can only agree, and say “make it so”. A very varied and talented actor, he is. In other news, we are hearing more confirmation that Schumacher is close to an F1 return with […]

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Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 is fast approaching. Quite a lot has happened this year really, for us of course the biggest event was the arrival of our daughter Niamh, who is now just over four months old, so this will be her first Christmas. In the wider world, the global economy is picking itself back up, so […]

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Crazy Floods

There’s been crazy flooding in Cumbria, where about a foot of water has fallen, destroying bridges and all sorts. More rain is expected today, though not on the same scale. In black-hole news, the LHC is back in operation again, 14 months after its initial switch on and subsequent damage. If they manage to avoid […]

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Back from training

woo yeah. I’m back from my training course in sunny Edinburgh. So what has happened whilst I’ve been away? Hmm, bits and pieces I think. Two Brits shared a 90 million pound Euromillions lottery jackpot. Sadly, I was not one of them. That’s a big load of cash. Talking of big, David Haye beat the […]

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Jenson Button – F1 world champion 2009

Jenson Button has taken this year’s F1 World Championship finishing in 5th place (from 14th on the grid). Barrichello, who was his cloest rival, suffered a puncture in the closing stages of the Grand Prix, but would not have been able to take the championship to a final round due to Jenson’s finishing position. The […]

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