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End of the year 2008

So, that’s it folk! We’ve made it through to the end of the year 2008. Tomorrow is another day. It’s been quite an interesting year, though I suspect that next year might be even more interesting. The final moments of the year are likely to be cold and foggy, so it says. You can read […]

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Tool Set

Today I produce for your delight more cheap plastic stuff! This week’s item is an entire tool set, complete with all your hardware needs, for just 1 pound. As usual, you can see the item in the cheap plastic stuff section.

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Almost Christmas

Finished work for the year today. Woo! This means it is now officially “almost Christmas”. I have just one more thing to get. I shall attempt to get it on Monday. Meanwhile, out in the world, due to this “credit crunch”, companies are failing all over the place, and other companies are being bailed out […]

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Digital vault update

Not good really. When I got a response to my pretty detailed support request for the Digital Vault, it was a first-line response telling me how to reinstall the auto-backup software. None of my direct questions were addressed, and needless to say reinstalling the program made no difference at all. So I’ll not be taking […]

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WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 is out now. The admin section has been completely revamped and as a result is – I think – much easier to use. Not that it was hard to use before, but now things have even more fluidity. If you are upgrading, you may find that your themes and plugins need refreshing, as […]

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