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…everyone had a nice Christmas and is looking forward to new year! We have been dotting about all over the country, and yesterday was Gill & Hoa’s wedding in Liverpool (2 hours driving each way but a really good wedding I think, very individual and original). I am working tomorrow for a day before the […]

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Merry Christmas to all! x

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Christmas Time tra la la la la

It’s only a few more sleeps now until Christmas Day! woo! This year seems mostly to have become about moving house, which is odd seeing as how we didn’t start that until my birthday. Most of the year before move (BM) has blurred into a globule. Apparenly lots of tradesmen are going to descend on […]

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It was revealed today that Terry Pratchett is suffering from a rare form of early onsett Alzheimer"s. Typcially his announcement of this was given in his own amsuing style, treating it, like his books, as a work of comic genius. In completely unrelated news, I just read that washing your turkey before cooking is actually […]

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Almost Christmas

ooer. It’s almost Christmas. Another year has swept by stupidly quickly. Astonishingly, I’ve not had time to update here this week, what with one thing or another. This weekend I have been mostly on call for work, so am lacking energy to really work on this place, too. This week Laura sprained her ankle so […]

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